K. Shankari
560 S. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone: (650) 967-4581 | Cell:(650) 454-6036 | Email: hire-shankari[AT]tamtom[DOT]homeip[DOT]net
Home Page: http://tamtom.homeip.net/~shankari
US Employment Authorization: Permanent Resident Alien (Green Card)


Senior engineer, with 4 years experience in designing and implementing large object-oriented frameworks and solving problems at the systems level, seeks challenging technical position working on cutting-edge software technologies.


Professional Experience

01/01 - 10/04 Open Harbor, San Carlos CA Lead Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer
(3 years, 9 months)
09/99 - 12/00, 09/98 - 06/99 UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA Teaching Assistant, Graduate Student Researcher
(2 years)
06/99 - 09/99 National Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, Research Engineer
(3 months)
11/97 - 06/98 Smart Rupees(SMARS) Project, IIT(Bombay), India Software Engineer
(9 months)
07/96 - 10/97 Intouch Global LLC (Bombay), Bombay, India Software Engineer
(1 year, 3 months)


Charles E. McDowell and K. Shankari. Connecting non-Java devices to a Jini network. Proceedings of TOOLS 33 St. Malo, France, June 5-8, 2000 (Download paper.ps or paper.pdf, slides.ps or slides.pdf)

Leadership and Business experience

Relevant technical projects

Catalogue of Skills


Debates, drama and track and field. I was Bombay-wide debate champion while in High School, participated in several school plays, and was second in the state-wide 400 mtr hurdles Open Championship after graduation.