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Here are photos from the halcyon days of my youth. A brief caption follows each photo, but I don't have the time to put in full descriptions yet. The sepia-toned photos have been created by modern digital image processing techniques (courtesy the Gimp). For the full colour versions, please click on them.
My athletics group at TAFA (formerly Healthward Bound). From L to R, we are Suparna Ray, Anita Varghese, Jyoti Arahna, Shankari K., Vaishali Parab, Subhashini V. and Michelle Gomes. The photo was taken by Suhas Nair, our coach at St. Anthony's Girls High School, Chembur, Bombay
This is my group at Swami Vivekanand Junior College. We are all dressed up in our best for our Farewell Party!! From L to R, we are:
Row 1 Shankari, Arpita, Maya, Smita, Varsha and Shalini
Row 2 Viju, Ganesh, Suraj, Srikanth, Ganwat (Vijay G.), Seetaram and Kitsy (Vishal Khitani)
Row 3 ??, JK and Vijay Jain. Tups is seen lurking in the background.