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Welcome to the Gold Digger Game

Gold Digger is similar to the Battleship game which some of you might have played as children. The objective of the game is simple - find your opponent's gold before she finds yours.

You get the gold in the form of bars, each of which has a certain length. The bars which are available to you have the following lengths:

  1. One(1) bar 5 units long
  2. One(1) bar 4 units long
  3. Two(2) bars 3 units long
  4. One(1) bar 2 units long

You have a 10x10 grid on which to hide your gold. As you hide the bars, they appear on the grid in different colours to help you distinguish between them. For example, the 5 long bar is green, but the 4 long bar is magenta. After you have hidden your gold the best you can, you move into attack mode.

In attack mode, you dig at locations in the computer's grid, while the computer digs in your grid. If you find gold while digging at a particular location, it turns yellow. If your digging has been in vain, it turns red. The computer is currently not very smart - it uses a pretty simple strategy which you can figure out if you watch closely. I don't want to give the strategy away - that would take out all the challenge! I am working on making it even smarter and should have the clever version up by next week.

A useful fact to remember while trying to dig for the computer's gold is that the gold is in bars and you know the number and the size of the bars.

Let the game begin!

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